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UWIAA CHTM 2021 New Year’s Lime

UWIAA CHTM 2021 New Year’s Lime

On Saturday January 9, 202, the UWIAA CHTM group kicked off the year with a virtual Lime via Zoom. We got started at 8:30 PM AST Time and continued well into the night finally wrapping up going on 11:00 PM within the same time zone. 

Richard Blades reporting for UWIAA CHTM: 

I make reference to the time zone since our lime spanned from Tennessee in the Mid West through to Doha, Qatar and everything in between. We had drinks and snacks, stories and anecdotes. COVID-19 found its place into our discussions as we spoke about its impact globally through to the vaccines and the varying levels of confidence in them. 

Nostalgia was present, when stories of our “good behaviour” during campus days took centre stage. Yes, we even had one of our former lecturers now turned colleague after all these years of graduation hang out with us. Yes, of course he’s a Trini, and could lime with the best of us. 

We met people for the first time and reacquainted old relationships. For those who knew each other by name only, we got to cement our appreciation for kindled relationships that turn into lifelong friendships. 

Age was not an issue, as our memories proved to be quite intact; remembering stories and scenarios as clearly and vividly as if they took place quite recently. 

Do we have pictures? YES, we do. I’ll share some with you below. 

To all the other UWIAA groups across the world, we wish you every blessing for 2021 and beyond. Have a superb year ahead and feel free to make friends with us so that we can expand out lime.


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