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GUEST POST: ‘Calling UWI Geographers!’

GUEST POST: ‘Calling UWI Geographers!’

Recent visitors at the UWI Museum included Cecille Harriott Depass who has been inspired to pull together a memorial to the early development of the University of the West Indies Geography Department. We’re happy to facilitate her call for engagement and participation:
Cecille Harriott Depass (right) on a recent visit to the UWI Museum, with Bev Phillips and Tony Depass
Cecille Harriott Depass:  “Open Call to UWI Geography Dept’s  students and professors to contribute to a Book of Memories.
“How do we say thank you to the teachers and professors who have played instrumental roles in our respective lives?   Four of us who have been closely linked with the UWI, Mona, Geography Dept, at different times, since the late 1960s, have decided to  begin such a conversation.
“Since winter 2015, we have been sharing our memories, stories, anecdotes in which we deliberately remember the past at UWI. We anticipate that several geography alums will contribute their stories to the expanding circle of stories.
“Accordingly, Cecille (Harriott) DePass, Faye Lumsden, Eleanor Jones and Beverley Phillips warmly invite graduates/alums and professors of the Geography Dept., UWI who are interested in contributing their memories and illustrations of studying Geography at UWI, and memories of life at UWI to our forthcoming ebook:  The poetics of interactive places/spaces: Learning Geography at UWI, Mona.
“The eBook celebrates the significant contributions of the Dept’s founders, professors and its students ( grads, and undergrads) to the Caribbean, and the wider world.
FORWARD UP! We’re looking for witty stories, memorable photos, snippets from lectures & field trips while learning geography at UWI. This e.g. is Brian Hudson at Negril Beach, early 1970s
RECOGNISE ANYONE? Kingston Harbour field trip, mid-1970s. Faye Lumsden, Leader & Guide. Cecille Harriott DePass, front row, in blue striped blouse; Hilary Robertson, 6th row; Brian & Anne Hudson, standing at the back; Canute, are you there?
“The book is non-commissioned, meaning, it is produced voluntarily and independently by DePass, Lumsden, Jones and Phillips.
“All written contributions including poems, short stories, poetry, and as importantly, evocative photographs and illustrations may be submitted to:
Cecille DePass, depassc@ezpost.com; Faye Lumsden, faye.lumsden@yahoo.com;
Eleanor Jones, b.eleanor@gmail.com; Beverley Phillips, tangelo2011882@yahoo.com
Deadline for submissions:  August  31, 2016
“For further information regarding the UWI, Geography Memories eBook, contact any of the co-authors, giving verifiable biographical information.”
We at the UWI Museum look forward to hearing how it all comes out. The ebook will become a resource on UWI history, as are publications by medical alumni and the Department of Chemistry.


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