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AUDIO-VISUAL: Floodgates of Memory

AUDIO-VISUAL: Floodgates of Memory

We’re still on the subject of UWI Carnival – the first expression of carnival festivity to reach Jamaica from the southern Caribbean. It came north with students from across the region who headed to the new regional university at Mona, Jamaica, from 1948.
PVC Dale Webber checking out some of the historic images from UWI Carnival, during a visit to the exhibition: “Le’ Wi Play Mas!”
Thus far, the recollections that we have harvested have come from the fifties, sixties and seventies, through recorded interviews, conversations, or emailed texts. (Check out earlier posts!)  We’ve posted some of these, and we’ve been grateful for some extended comments, and some of this material is reflected in the cameo exhibition “Le’ Wi Play Mas!”: Emergence & Evolution of the UWI Carnival, which is on at the UWI Museum until mid-April.
It’s a work in progress. We’re working to gather recollections and other evidence related to how carnival has evolved, and we were happy to persuade the University of the West Indies (UWI) Pro-Vice Chancellor for Graduate Studies & Research Prof. Dale Webber to spend a few minutes dusting off memories of UWI Carnival while he was a student at UWI in the eighties. Click on the video below if it doesn’t start automatically. Enjoy…and remember to contact us if you have something to add.



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