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Report from the first ever Global UWI Alumni Day

Report from the first ever Global UWI Alumni Day

The first ever Global UWI Alumni Day was held virtually on June 26, 2021 and was deemed a great success and extremely enjoyable by all those who attended. This special DAY has been introduced to celebrate, recognise and appreciate UWI graduates who through their professional accomplishments contribute to the Caribbean region and the world in many spheres and at many levels; and also play a major role in enhancing the University’s reputation.


The Global UWI Alumni Day has elicited comments like:  

  • “Time well spent in this Global UWI Alumni Day – thanks to the organizers and to all who joined. A timely reminder of many things UWI- from whence we came and to where we are heading”
  • “Wonderful celebration of graduates. Thanks and congrats to the alumni team!”
  • “Congratulations to all Awardees for your support of our University and the next generation of UWI graduates”.

The event is the brainchild of the Director of Alumni Relations Celia Davidson Francis, who expressed her elation that this special Day to celebrate, appreciate and recognise alumni is now a reality and will be held annually hereafter. It was organized by her and the team of regional Alumni Relations Professionals of the UWI, through the Alumni Relations arm of the IAD.   


The UWI Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Principals, the Alumni Representative Dr. Carmen Nicholas, the Council Representative Mr. Dwayne Haynes and Ms. Ann Marie Grant, the Ex. Director of the AFUWI, all highlighted the importance of alumni.

Distinguished alumni like H.E. Sir Rodney Williams, Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda, The Most Hon. P. J. Patterson, former Prime Minister of Jamaica, Hon. Grad Dr. Larry Quinlan, Global CIO Deloitte and Mr. Courtney Campbell, President and CEO of the Victoria Mutual Building Society, shared their UWI memories.

Prof. Tomlin Paul, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Mona and Dr. Brian Kazaara – Young Medical Alumni Rep. brought a medical perspective and UWIAA Presidents and Contacts from across the Caribbean and the world shared snippets of UWI stories and invited graduates to get in touch when visiting their countries or regions. Alumni like Mr. & Mrs. Campbell Cleare had folks enjoying their reminiscences. There were fun spot prizes of Amazon Gift Certificates for answering questions and entertainment by comedian Ian “Ity Ellis and music by DJ Delly, Elle and Justin Lowe. Poet Malachi Smith thrilled with “The Dream”.


Alumna of the Center for Hotel & Tourism Management, Mrs. Karyn Williams Sykes who is a WSET Certified Educator brought wine tips and alumna, Hon. Graduate & Master Blender Dr. Joy Spence shared an Appleton Rum Cocktail Recipe:



During the event, which 590 alumni attended and 880 registered for – the comments in the CHAT were filled with positivity and enjoyment. It was wonderful to see alumni online from all over the world, including Chancellor Emeritus Sir George Alleyne and Lady Sylvan Alleyne, H.E. Dame Pearlette Louisy, Drs. Jillia and Jacqueline Bird and many others.


Campus Alumni Officers and Liaisons shared their special greetings, as did several graduates who have taken part in our Soft and Life Skills virtual sessions like Karin Tomlinson, Jewel Daniels Radford, Dr. Julian Henry, Stacia Morris, and Dr. Renee Boyce.


Our future alumni (students) and recent graduates took part as well, such as Ashleigh Onfroy, Anissa Moulon, James Peart (whose Pen Pal Programme which he introduced while President of the Mona UWI STAT (Students Today Alumni Tomorrow); is a great success involving over 500 students across all the UWI campuses and establishing and maintaining the regional linkages which are an integral part of The UWI. The winners of the Instagram Video competition had their videos shared (Darren Bodkin and Felicia Boyd-Bazard).

The IAD Alumni Relations Awards: These were presented to Chapters, Contacts and graduates who excelled in terms of service to the UWI and in helping further build “One UWI, One Alumni Family”:

Most Active Chapter - UWIAA Florida 

Goodwill Award - UWIAA Washington DC 

Recognition Accolade   - UWIAA New York 

Sub-Chapter Support Champion - UWIAA Bahamas

Community Assistance Award -UWIAA Barbados

Open Campus Impact Award – UWIAA St. Kitts & Nevis

UWIAA Contact Outreach Award – Michael Morrissey (Bali)

Campus Impact Award – UWIAA Jamaica

Expanded Impact Award - Toronto Chapter  

Medical Alumni Excellence Award - Canadian Chapter

Medical Alumni Outreach Award - Central Florida Chapter

Campus Alumni Officer Future Alumni Award - Roseanne Maxwell – Cave Hill

Campus Alumni Officer – Excellence Award   Carina Dyce – Mona

Campus Alumni Officer – Excellence Award - Sandra Griffith Carrington - Open

New UWIAA Chapter Award Categories: These awards were introduced by the Director of Alumni Relations and were also presented for the first time 

UWIAA – Belize

Service Excellence Pinnacle Award – Sir Colville Young

UWIAA – Florida

Advancement Zenith Award – Mr. Donat Grant

UWIAA- Jamaica

Professional Excellence Apex Award – Mr. Ian “Ity” Ellis

The evening closed with a TOAST to all graduates and then alumni enjoyed a “meet and greet”

It was an event filled with fun, camaraderie, recognition, celebration and great memories which was enjoyed by all who participated!

LINK TO VIEW THE 2021 Global UWI Alumni Day: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ss3YnFQU_wujZSzig6EQglFpi_4AQVB-/view?usp=sharing

Please put the date in your diaries for NEXT year - see you on June 26, 2022!


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