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Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane: The Campus Swot

Come Wi Go Down Memory Lane: The Campus Swot

If you are/were a student at the University of the West Indies and have never been in a class where students were strongly reprimanded for swotting then kudos to you. I can vividly recall more than one of those persecution sessions. They often follow in-class tests, quizzes and mid-semester exams. Weak analysis and incorrect application of knowledge are often deemed by lecturers a key indication of swotting – cramming information at the last minute and not doing additional reading. Like the “Campus Swot” many students contend that there is insufficient time available to complete assignments on time and do the requisite readings. However, such argument is often discredited by those who manage to maintain straight A’s and engage in fruitful class discussions (these are normally the creme de la creme).

The article, ” Swotting and the Student” clearly enunciates the experiences of the students and the reasons for swotting.



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