That Time in Foreign: A Conversation with Dr. Hilary Robertson Hickling

That Time in Foreign: A Conversation with Dr. Hilary Robertson Hickling

In the early 2000’s, Cecil Gutzmore in the Institute of Culture Studies hosted a series titled ‘Dat Time in Farin,’ which featured seventeen (17) autobiographical presentations exploring the experiences of Caribbean nationals in the United Kingdom. Many of the presenters were known personally to Mr. Gutzmore, a Jamaican-born Pan Africanist who lived in the UK, returned to Jamaica and maintains strong connections to the island. These personal accounts provide insight into 1960s and 70s Jamaica, the reasons for migrating, the mode of migrating, their experiences with institutional and every day racism, and the reasons why they have returned.

A collection within the UWI Archives Spoken Word Collection, 10 of the 17 presentations were compiled for the 2016 publication That Time in Foreign edited by Dr. Hilary Robertson Hickling. Two speakers were featured in the exhibition, Mr. Alvin Brown and Mr. Jimmy Senya Haynes, however, they’re not featured in the published edited collection. In today’s presentation in the Enigma Series we speak to Dr Hilary Robertson-Hickling’s about her work and the That Time in Foreign edited collection.


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