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UWI STAT Mona: Overview of 2012-2013

UWI STAT Mona: Overview of 2012-2013

The UWISTAT Mona Corps began the academic year at the annual Office of Student Services’ orientation. This year we were also present at the post-graduate’s orientation where we promoted the CARICOM Skills Certificate (a new proposal submitted by the Mona Corps to the Office of the Vice Chancellor during this academic year); recruited members for UWISTAT and also for the Alumni Association for which many persons signed up.

With volunteerism and disaster mitigation a core aspect of our mandate, the UWI STAT Vice Chancellor’s Ambassadors lead a team of over 20 students from The UWI community to take part in the International Coastal Cleanup Day’s Beach Cleanup at Fort Rocky Beach to perform a thorough clean-up mission.

Last semester, approximately 30 ambassadors were officially inducted to the corp. Membership recruitment and training were done to facilitate the successful completion of this process – Ambassadors were exposed to training including quality assurance, project management and leadership sessions.

Ambassadors were also professionally trained in the Marginalized Youth HIV Advocacy Training and the HIV Peer Educator Training programmes under the programming and volunteerism portfolio.

On Caribbean Youth Day we had our official Footprints launch - A sizable student audience was reached to increase the awareness of our student-giving campaign with the minimum target for each Ambassador being $5,000. Over the years we have successfully contributed to the development of the infrastructure at the Main Library and to a student bursary. This year we have decided that 30% of the proceeds will go towards student bursary and 70% will go towards a developmental project on campus.

A number of Ambassadors volunteered and participated at the CB GROUP/UWI 5K with the UWISTAT Mona’s team and our members have contributed approximately $10,000.

We had our first Breast Cancer Balloon Release which was a success in promoting breast cancer awareness as well as raising funds which were donated to the Jamaica Cancer Society.

Large numbers of alumni were reached at the UWI/UTECH Sports Championships where Ambassadors worked in the alumni skybox recruiting alumni as well as ensuring that persons had an enjoyable time.

Ambassadors also participated at the UWI Alumni Association Jamaica Chapter Fundraising Concert - a number of Ambassadors volunteered as ushers and assisted in the sale of tickets.

We have also participated at the Career Expo held by the Office of Placement and Career Services – at this event the CARICOM Skills certificate was well-promoted.

In continuing to promote safer sex and HIV/AIDS prevention among the nation’s youth a Safer Sex information booth was set up. This display was available to students and staff members on campus.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor hosted Kings College from London – UWISTAT Ambassadors participated in a consultation and discussion session for the implementation of a student exchange program with Kings College.

As is customary UWI STAT Vice Chancellor’s Ambassadors represent the UWI locally, regionally and internationally each year. On a weekly basis members of the corps accompanied the Admissions Unit of the University on their high school visits to promote The UWI to prospective students.

UWISTAT Ambassadors have attended various events including the Fifty-Fifty: Critical Reflections in a Time of Uncertainty, hosted by the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute for Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) 50/50 Conference, Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence, Association of Caribbean Universities (ACU) Conference, Caribbean Youth Forums, Sir Shridath Ramphal’s ‘Caribbean Challenges’ book launch, Caribbean Youth Leaders’ Summit and many more events representing the Vice Chancellor and The UWI.

This year, not many Ambassadors from the Mona Corps had participated in the Island Visit programme – However, our President, Ambassador Sasha Harrison has represented UWISTAT at the Youth-In Project Steering Committee meeting in Barbados; Alumni Ambassador Kerri-Ann Mew attended Caribbean Youth Day celebration in the Bahamas; Vice President of Membership, Ambassador Tijani Christian went on an island-visit to the Bahamas and Vice President of Programming and Volunteerism, Ambassador Tameka Miller and Vice President of Alumni Relations, Ambassador Shavar Maloney had attended a student exchange programme with the Office of Student Services at the Florida State University. These ambassadors were able to form some very useful relationships.

The UWISTAT Mona Corp has been given the opportunity to adopt a space in the library – after much proposals and consideration the area was officially launched April 4, 2013 as the Chudy Zone (Chudy = Chill and Study) – this is a space located just outside the West Indies collection as an area to promote CARICOM Single Market Economy and regional integration as well as our student-giving campaign while also serving as an area for students to Chill and to Study. We will continue to work closely with the Main Library to continuously improve the area and to encourage others to support the continued maintenance and development of the Main Library.

While my overview of this year’s activities is complete, there are many ongoing projects for this academic for UWISTAT to continue. April 11, 2013 we will be hosting our Annual Elections and Hand-over ceremony where a new executive board will be elected to serve the Corps. I encourage all Ambassadors to continue the excellent work!


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