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UWI STAT Mona Corps visits Sir John Golding Rehab Centre

UWI STAT Mona Corps visits Sir John Golding Rehab Centre

Figure 1- Seen in the picture above is the handing over of the nebulizer by Mr. Brown on behalf of the Jamaica Hospital Supplies from left to right Shamonique(D), Marlon(A), Kristoff(A), Oshane(D), David Brown(J), Donna-Marie Madourie(J), Nurse(H), Matron(H), Melanie Walker(H), Deryck(A) and Nattallee(D) A-Ambassador	D-Designate	H-Representative Hospital	J- Representative of Jamaica Hospital Supplies

Our “We Believe in You” project was held on January 29, 2015 at the Sir John Golding Rehab Centre, Mona Kingston.

It was a heartwarming experience. Twenty children ranging from 3 years to 12 years old were present. After the opening ceremony, the treat got underway. With several activities planned for the kids to do such as coloring, hand painting and word games, we first started the event with the distribution of snacks, cupcakes and donuts. While Ambassadors Kristoff Frank and Deryck Rose distributed snacks, the kids were arranged in groups and books read to them. The reading volunteers included Marlon Gregory (President), Nattalee Brown (Designate) and Shamonique Markland(Designate).

The event started at 3:30 pm and continued until 6:40 pm. The hand painting activity was done as a means of thanking the many sponsors, coordinated by Sashauna Perkins, assisted by Nattalee Brown.

The Handing Over Ceremony

Two representatives from Jamaica Hospital Supplies were present to hand over the donated Nebulizer for the 20 children of the hospital. Present was the Marketing Manager Ms. Donna-Marie Madourie and Executive Director Mr. David Brown (figure 1). The matron on duty at the time received the donation on behalf of the hospital accompanied by administrator Ms. Melanie Walker (figure 1). After the official handing over ceremony, Mr. Brown proceeded to demonstrate how to use the nebulizer and Ms Walker promised to implement the proper voltage rating for the nebulizer by Wednesday February 4, 2015. Mr. Brown also promised to honor the nebulizer's warranty and to assist with its upkeep, maintenance and servicing. He promised a technicians visit every six (6) months.

Follow Up

It is planned that another group from the Corps visit the children, not necessarily with donations but to maintain a presence at the facility.

The Deputy V.P. of the Programming and Volunteerism Committee is currently seeking to finalize the paperwork for the UWI STAT Adopt- a- child programme where Ambassadors will seek to visit and mentor the children and also solicit donations/sponsorship for their well-being.

A special thank you to our sponsors: The Jamaica Hospital Supplies, Wynlee Distributors, Lasco, Seprod, Page’s Café, Lime.

Special thanks to Sandria Francis-Smith who sought about the donation of books, Ms. Susan Whyte who sourced a used nebulizer and also books for the children and all the members of the Programming and Volunteerism Committee.

Thanks to their help this event was a success and truly appreciated by the children.

List of Items Donated to the Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Center

Snack Items
Box Juices
Clothing Items


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