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Marlon Samuda

Marlon Samuda

Los Angeles based actor and UWI Mona Honors graduate; Marlon Samuda, is now in pre-production for his very own short film. An original script written by Mr. Samuda, Immigrant Brothers tells the story of three homeless immigrants trying to survive on the streets of Los Angeles. The brothers are not related by blood. They are related by circumstance and struggle. Samuda will be one of the producers of the film, along with Nick Cunha, Valeria Silva and Paula Soveral. Marlon will also be playing the lead role of Kemar. Kemar is an Jamaican illegal immigrant who has to beg in order to survive. The film will be directed by Indian director, TusharTyagi

Producing a short film is not easy. If you would like to support him as a Caribbean filmmaker and a Pelican, go to www.indiegogo.com/projects/immigrant-brothers

Marlon says “l value my time at UWI. I had many brilliant professors that helped mold me. The Entertainment & Cultural Enterprise Management degree opened my eyes. Believe it or not, this degree helps me with living in the United States. E.C.E.M. makes me appreciate foreign cultures so much more than I did before. It created a sense of curiosity within me. Whenever I meet someone new, I always try to find out more about their culture - congrats to the UWI for creating this degree.”

Marlon Samuda graduated UWI with a BA in Entertainment & Cultural Enterprise Management from the UWI , Mona and now has a Masters of Fine Arts (Hons.) degree from New York Film Academy.


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