Mary Seacole Hall – Strong Women

Mary Seacole Hall – Strong Women

Her strength is often underestimated because of her smaller, softer features, 
Her delicate smile and her bassless voice. 
Fragile, feeble, weak are her main descriptors – characteristics coined by cultural mediators.  
Woman, readily undermined, but a stalwart – truly, one of a kind.
Samantha Campbell

As we celebrate Women’s History Month the UWI Museum would like to acknowledge the 60th anniversary of Mary Seacole Hall Dining Room Protest that took place on March 8, 1960. 

Caps off to the strong women – sole all female hall on campus that bravely broke the social bridle which restricted women’s ability to speak up and speak out. By performing an ‘unladylike’ act of protest, those women not only made it possible for future Seacolites to enjoy their meal in comfort, they also continued the tradition of Caribbean women standing up for themselves.

Now, 60 years later these courageous women of the UCWI Mary Seacole Hall are revered and celebrated by all who learn their story. Their march made history and will forever be a part of the UWI story. Proudly, we salute them and all strong women of the University (College) of the West Indies.
In celebration of International Women’s Day, UWI Museum partnered with Mary Seacole Hall for their annual Hall Week and this post commemorates an important point in their history.

We have pulled from our archive an article on the Seacole Hall Dining Room Protest, kindly click the link below to read it.


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