From the Chancellor

Chancellor Robert Bermudez
Let us all, in this year of celebration, reflect on the value that this noble institution has given to our region and the world, and recommit to supporting our UWI in delivering its mandate to advance education and create knowledge through excellence in teaching, research, innovation, public service, intellectual leadership and outreach for the development of the Caribbean. Let us keep the light ever rising from the West!

Robert Bermudez

From the Vice-Chancellor

Over the years I’ve maintained that Universities are not built to serve themselves. They are built and resourced to serve their communities and nations. This unequivocal truism has been the guiding philosophy on which our beloved UWI has based all that we do to serve the people of the Caribbean. What a proud legacy we have built in just 75 years having evolved into an internationally respected, top ranked, global academy that has been at the heart of the economic and social development of the region.

Professor Sir Hilary Beckles

Chancellor Robert Bermudez


A place of light, liberty & learning

Although our growth and impact continue to be global, we remain strongly influenced by where our University’s foundation was built, and by our service to Caribbean people and their contributions to The UWI’s development.


We continue to be an advocate for the region, its needs and advancement and we are recognised as a valuable resource for expertise on every issue that it faces; playing an unprecedented role in enabling the Caribbean’s readiness, ability to overcome challenges, to build the Caribbean’s resilience, and revitalise Caribbean development.


We face head-on with realness and honesty the reality that there is still room for the university to grow. We are on a continuous path of improvement and development and as the light rising from the West, we aspire to rise, to soar higher, and to be a beacon of empowerment to our community.