Welcome to the Latin American - Caribbean Centre

Welcome to the Latin American – Caribbean Centre (LACC) at The University of the West Indies.

LACC is a university-wide initiative which develops programmes involving all three UWI campuses and non-campus CARICOM territories.

Founded in 1993 with the endorsement of the Rio Group, and borne out of the vision of a more integrated region, our mission is to build bridges of understanding and cooperation between Latin America and Caribbean countries in order to span the spatial, linguistic, and historical divides which have traditionally separated our peoples. In this spirit, LACC has participated actively in the integration movement in the region with the support of governments, institutions and agencies in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. The Centre’s areas of operation encompass a range of collaborative activities designed to maximise opportunities for academic and cultural exchange, such as language training programmes, exchange programmes, seminars on intra-regional migration and other topics, cultural events, publications, and more.


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